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A Poem (of sorts) that I Posted on Facebook Awhile Back

When I was young, I imagined that I wished to see the Last Days, the End Times. A boy’s fantasy, yes—a romantic fancy— but thus I prayed in those days.

Then I became old and far too comfortable and began to imagine myself secure here in America, wishing for little more than to live out my earthly time in peace.

Now these strange days have come upon us: days where bright but faded history is replaced by a black myth, and freedom meekly exchanged for bonds.

Our leaders promise, “Peace, peace”— empty lips painted with a leering abominable smirk, while behind their eyes their minds plot war.

Behind our masks we cower. Within our walls we hide.

Whence America? Land of the Free? Home of the Brave? Where did you go?

These days demand submission, that you should speak not a word as left is called right and right is called wrong.

But the God who reigns above these days demands that we awake and attend. He calls for wisdom, for courage. For faith.

If indeed I have been privileged to witness the ending of my nation, and possibly the beginning of the ending of all things, then let me live as nobly as I may, surrendering my final breath in faith and fidelity to my Lord and to the honor of His name, knowing that I may be no longer American

but Christian forevermore.

(from November 28, 2020)

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