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A Word to America

Three years ago on Facebook, a year before the unfortunate death of George Floyd, before the Black Lives Matter riots, before the COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing madness, I wrote this little poem. Later it became the first chapter in a tiny e-book I released under the title of "Seven Words from God to America."

A Word to America

Alas, for America!

Our dollars and our coins say, "In God We Trust," but who is this God in whom we trust? We have come to hate both the law and the gospel of Him that we claimed to trust, and in His place we have come to trust in our dollars and our coins.

We have said, "We are the great nation; we shall never be shaken; we are the nation that the Lord has chosen."

Look to the past! Was not Israel the nation truly of God's choosing? Was not Judah His chosen people? And did not God chastise them most severely when they forsook His ways?

Repent, America; turn and be healed.

For unless you repent, you will surely go the way of Egypt, of Babylon, of Greece, and of Rome, who all lifted their heads among men before you.

Your streets will be filled with the shouts of the rioters. Your courts will overflow with injustice. Your young men shall die at the hands of their brothers, and your righteous shall be brought down by wicked schemes.

May God have mercy upon this land; may repentance be granted from on high. Let us turn from our sins, and from our wicked ways; or if we will not turn, have mercy upon us for the sake of the remnant of Your people who still name the Name of Jesus in this place.

But if we will not return to the God of our fathers and the Holy One of Heaven, then let it be to us just as You decree, and we will know that we have received only what we have deserved.

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