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Absurdity versus Reality: You Make the Call

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Ready for a game? I am going to list some recent headlines, taken from either the parody site The Babylon Bee or from actual news outlets. Your task is to determine which ones are a spoof, and which ones are da troof. I am sure there will be prizes awarded for winners.

First headline:

Democrats Pause January 6 Hearings to Call for Insurrection

Babylon Bee or reality?

That’s right, this is a fake headline. But only because the mainstream news media would never poke fun at those on their own side of the political aisle. But the left is apparently so tone-deaf that they can’t even recognize the irony of complaining about the mild aggression of the January 6 kerfuffle, and then hearing Maxine Waters openly advocate for people to adopt the attitude of “[to] hell with the Supreme Court,” and “we will defy them.” Could she give the definition of “insurrection” if somebody googled it for her?

Next headline:

Pro-Abortion Women Threaten Sex Strike Over Roe v. Wade Reversal

Babylon Bee or reality?

That’s right, this is an actual headline from The Blaze, and similar lines were available everywhere you looked. The hilarious part of this threat is that it is exactly what the leftists need to do to stop producing little pre-leftists for them to kill. If they actually did refuse to engage in casual sex, the abortion debate would be effectively settled.

Next up:

Liz Cheney Encourages Wyoming Democrats to Change Parties to Vote for Her

Babylon Bee or reality?

You may have gotten this one wrong. This was an actual report by the New York Times, and similar headlines were littered across the internet.

Last question:

Democrats Suddenly Saying “Woman” Today as if Everyone Knows What it Means

Babylon Bee or reality?

Yeah, that’s right, it’s the Bee. But it's an accurate picture of reality; the progressives are now back to demanding woman’s rights with great vigor, as if they weren’t refusing to even admit they knew what the definition of a woman was just a couple of weeks ago.

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