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An Example of a Puritan at Prayer

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

This prayer was taken almost at random from a small volume I own called Piercing Heaven. This particular sample was composed by the redoubtable Richard Sibbes.

Lord, reveal yourself more and more to us in the face of your Son Jesus Christ. Magnify the power of grace by cherishing the seeds of that grace in the midst of our corruption. Bring us to humility by the way you show us our own sin and weakness. And since you have taken us into the covenant of grace, you will not cast us away, though our sins grieve your Spirit and remind us how far off we are. And because Satan tries to obscure the glory of that mercy through discouragement, add this to the rest of your mercies. Since you are so gracious to those who follow you as Lord, help us not to misuse your grace or lose any part of the comfort that is laid up for us in Christ. Let the prevailing power of your Spirit be evidence of the truth of grace begun in us, a pledge of final victory for the time when you will be all in all, all yours, for eternity. Amen.

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