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The Woke Zone

I'm just beginning this blog, and I'm trying hard to decide what manner of information to present. I don't want it to become merely a site for right-wing humor and alarmism. I want it to remain manifestly Christian, and I want it to be encouraging and respectful, insomuch as I am able to pull those things off. So if I include something that you don't feel represents those stated goals, feel free to say so in the Comments section, or send me an email directly. Exhibit A: occasional links to content from The Babylon Bee.

If anyone out there remembers the original Twilight Zone episode "It's a Good Life" that featured Billy Mumy (Lost in Space's Will Robinson), you'll find it amazing how prescient it was. And how eerily familiar today's left sounds as it echoes what used to exist only in the Twilight Zone.

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