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So You Think You Might Want an EV

Here are two sciency guys saying all kinds of sciency words and takling about electric vehicles, exposing some of the hidden nonsense our soft-headed climatologists are constantly telling us we will soon be inheriting as part of the electric vehicle revolution. I am open to having a discussion with you if you have a contrary view--that is, the leftist propaganda line that is standard fare for our society.

Our speakers are interesting guys to listen to, and their programs are well-decorated with graphs and graphics.

First up is Graham Conway, in a Ted Talk in San Antonino, TX. Conway is a climate change believer, but he still sounds a note of caution about jumping in too quickly with supposed zero-emissions cars:

Next we will hear from the Car Guys, who are likewise non-partisan about the issue. They have no skin in the game, so we can probably trust their research. This is a good video, as the speaker is painfully honest about what he has found.

My main issues with the idea of EVs are these.

  1. We already have gas-powered cars, as well as the ability to produce LOTS of gas. There is no reason to pursue this so fast, before we are ready to deal with the consequences.

  2. The leftist arm of our government is FORCING us into this solution--a solution for a problem that doesn't exist. They have artifically raised the price of gasoline to an untenable level, with the clear intention of discouraging Americans by viewing gas as an answer. Instead of making electric cars an OPTION, made more popular by increased performance, availability, and experience, the Biden administration, with its China-friendly attitudes and policies, has inflicted these vehicles upon us via fiat.

  3. You can't prove to me that climate change is a real problem. While it seems possible that changing over to EVs will produce somewhat less CO2 than remaining with gas-powered cars . . . who cares? This isn't a problem. The climatologists have vastly overstated the problem of global warming over the past few decades. How long ago was it that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told us we only had ten years left before, I suppose, the world would simply spontaneously combust, and incinerate itself. Has anything materially changed since then? Obama told us that the seas would be rising, and Al Gore assured us that New York City would be underwater by now. Has ANYTHING changed since then? And even if it has or will, what is the problem? If it gets a couple of degrees warmer on earth over the next few decades, why can't we just evolve along with that and become acclimated to a warmer environment?

Okay, that was a pretty superficial argument, I know. But I don't expect anyone from the other side of the fence will be able to counter it with anything like honesty and logic. Go ahead and try; respond in the Comments section if you choose to engage.

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Benjamin Thomas
Benjamin Thomas

Honest to . . . God. I thought you of all people were smarter than to deny climate change. I'm so, so sorry . . .

Robert W. Tompkins
Robert W. Tompkins

And since this blog is aimed at Christians and not simply Americans, I would encourage my readers to remember that our times are in God's hands, and we are not subject to the fear of the potential end of the earth, except at His bidding.

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