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To Prep or Not to Prep, Part III

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

Unfortunately, I often harbor a somewhat cynical and disrespectful opinion regarding most of what represents itself as the 21st-century American church. My feeling is that, if the judgment of God falls on the USA without the benefit of a preceding "Rapture," many of the Christians in the land will experience a grave threat to their belief system, and perhaps even blame God for allowing them to trust in a lie.

Because that's what I expect to happen sometime in the next decade or so. I expect that America will undergo a shaking like nothing we have ever imagined, and many churchgoers will be stunned and offended to find that they were not raptured out of the great tribulation that has come upon them. I have written about this in other places; you can read it if you have 99 cents to spare.

In keeping with my acknowledged cynicism, I think that if a smaller episode of tribulation comes upon us this winter and finds us unprepared, it's likely that many people will react with bewilderment, panic, or fear--or anger or resentment or some other manifestation of a lack of faith. Or rather, a misplaced faith--trust in the invincibility of America, perhaps, instead of the inscrutable purposes of God.

I apologize if I have mischaracterized my fellow professors in Christ. I have undoubtedly thought less of you, and by extension, more of myself, than is warranted. I just want you to be aware that these days are nearly upon us. When they arrive, I am certain that many of you will continue to exhibit honorable behavior and trust in God.

As far as the topic of this piece goes, I think we have established scripturally that it's best to trust in God, and watch Him act on your behalf. The other reasonable choice to make regarding these days is to prepare as well as you can, while continuing to place your complete trust in the Lord to watch over you and keep you, no matter what the apparent circumstances. Far worse than these two choices, though, lies the option to completely ignore the days and the dark cloud that hangs over us. To be caught unaware and unprepared would be the worst testimony you could give to the glory of God.

One final point: If you decide to prepare for the coming dark days by stowing away some extra food, be equally ready to provide some of that food for others who will encounter you from a position of need. While those unfortunates are earnestly entreating God to give them this day their daily bread, don't be afraid to present yourself, and your efforts to genuinely serve God, as at least part of the answer to their prayer.

In conclusion, all of these things belong to the Lord, who will reign over His kingdom for His own purposes and pleasure. Whether you choose to prepare or stay lean, look to Him, and put no confidence in the flesh.

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