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Tribulation Comin'

When I told my sons—shortly after Joe Biden's ascent to power—to expect persecution to shortly follow, at least two of them openly scoffed at me. And during the early days of Mr. Biden's "presidency," nothing overtly took place to persuade them that I might just be right. Some terrible policy decisions, yes, but not direct persecution. And to be sure, my own prediction fell somewhat short of a prophetic word—it was only what could be easily deduced, based on the logical progression of our apparent trajectory through history, colored by my own overt Christianity which had been recently enhanced by reading through the Old Testament prophets. I wasn't claiming divine influence upon my words—it was only the warning of a father to his sons to be prepared, in case the days ahead might prove to be challenging.

But now—aren't you starting to see it? Don't you feel the hostility toward us Christians from the folks on the leftward slant of the political spectrum? And not Christians only. There is an open antagonism from the left toward everyone who adheres to the idea of an America that was ever exceptional, anyone that reveres our history, that pays homage to the founding fathers and their wisdom in forming this republic that was created by the certain decree of a just and benevolent God.

I believe it's going to get worse. I am speaking primarily to those who trust in Jesus Christ here. If you're holding on to the hope that an imminent Rapture is going to take you out of here before tribulation makes your life very uncomfortable, I would caution you to take another look at the Scriptures. And strengthen yourself in the knowledge of the Lord and commit yourself to whatever He has decreed for your future, trusting in His faithfulness whether He raptures you out of the earth, or your testimony to your belief in Him is sealed with your life's blood, or anywhere that falls in between.

It's possible that America will be granted a true repentance, and many days of prosperity still lie ahead of us. May it be so! I just doubt it. It seems more likely that, in view of the way we have idolized our comforts and shrugged off our fear of the Lord, He has decreed the time of judgment for our nation to be shortly upon us. And that will include some hardship for all of us. Just remember that our ultimate prize is not here and now, and the true homeland we seek is a better country than America ever was.

"In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world."—Jesus, from John 16:33

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Benjamin Thomas
Benjamin Thomas
Oct 13, 2021

I'm sorry - so sorry - that you are spending your waning days just fussing about this kind of nonsense instead of putting useful energy out into the universe. How can you justify your single minded focus on "christian persecution"? There are SO many being actually persecuted . . . Uyghurs, the blacks, the refugees - when it comes right down to it - we are ALL being persecuted for whatever reasons - yet - it seems like "christians" want to make it sound like they are the only ones being picked on. Instead of wringing your hands crying "woe is me" it would be better to put your energy into stopping the priests from raping little kids, worry…

Robert W.  Tompkins
Robert W. Tompkins
Oct 14, 2021
Replying to

Well, that was certainly an energetic reply. I want to say that no one on this end of this particular conversation is crying, "Woe is me," or wringing their hands. The purpose of this blog is to encourage and inform people who identify as Christians how to thrive in this generation and make a positive impact wherever they remain able to express themselves. But your comments are always welcome, Benjamin.

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